Sunday, February 4, 2018

Session 55 (24 January 2018)

Note to readers: This is a session re-cap of an ongoing D&D 5th edition campaign set in a loosely adapted version of N. Robin Crossby's Hârn. A journal of the previous 54 sessions, beginning in February 2015, can be found here.

In-world date: 4 Ilvin 720 TR

(Session re-cap by Takeda)

Ice Devil
Credit: D&D 5th edition Monster Manual
We encountered the source of the ice tempest as a six-piece Ice Henge that is a gateway to another realm that was guarded by an Ice Devil. Gil’Doren Nat20’d on Initiative, Dimension Door’d Maslorius and himself 500’ away, with the intent to DD everyone to safety. In the meantime Juan & Dracul were going to try to trip the Ice Devil into the Well of Worlds. Juan threw down the Well, the Devil (14’ tall), failed its Dex save and tripped in. It grabbed onto the ground around the Well as if it was like a person falling into a manhole. Juan had so offended it it risked attacking him with one claw and Juan was hit. Dracul slashed down upon its other hand with his flaming sword. The blade sunk into its hand and it pulled it back reflexively and dropped through the Well to an unknown destination. Gil’Doren DD’d back to find Dracul & Juan celebrating their win. Gil’Doren was disappointed he had missed the action and began sulking immediately.  He started walking back to get Maslorius. A dark-armoured humanoid stumbled out of the gate pierced by a large icicle/crystal. It falls to the ground reaching out its hand to Dracul and Juan croaking a plea for help. Uncertain about this individual’s identity and feeling weary Dracul and Juan hesitated to lend aid. After some thought and another plea for help Dracul abandoned caution and approached the person. They removed the helm and found a man, an old grizzled man, impaled by a crystal of ice. They called Gil’Doren back to heal him. Gil’Doren seeing an opportunity to be heroic rushed back. The stranger told of his story: He is a Knight of Baga Yaga, pledged to her service. Her daughters reign in her stead for 300-years at a time. Her current reigning daughter does not want to abdicate her rule and is instead reaffirming her power and beginning an invasion of Hârn. He stated that the only way to permanently close the gate was from the other side and then the one on Hârn. He wasn’t going to make it (scripted) so Gil’Doren hiked back to Maslorius. Juan and Dracul continued to guard the Ice Henge.
Dying Rider of Baba Yaga

Adds Gil'Doren: "Unfortunately, it is dangerously presumptuous to assume that the Ice Devil is deceased. It may be able to return unimpeded in an undetermined period of time, depending upon where the Well sent it. We must be exceedingly careful going forward as without a tremendous amount of luck we might have been all flash-frozen for an eternity. Now that we know what we are opposed by, which threatens not only this realm but our world I would suggest we return to convey this to the Queen. She may be able to communicate a need to rally to the defence of our world. These devils are very powerful and if they are serving as merely guards to this despot than we are truly in trouble!"