Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vitruvian character sheets for old-school D&D

On a whim I whipped up some OD&D and Swords & Wizardry character sheets for a forthcoming one-shot of Rafael Chandler's excellent Bad Myrmidon. As I had ancient Greece on my mind, it seemed only fitting to make use of da Vinci's Vitruvian man as a template. Those Renaissance guys had Antiquity on the mind much of the time.

There are male and female versions. I wish I could credit the creator of the Vitruvian woman image.  It's from a Hebrew-language website displaying many variations on the da Vinci original but without any attributions that I can find.

The versions for OD&D use a to-hit bonus rather than a THAC0 or equivalent ('cuz that's how I roll). Alignment is replaced by Deity.

Vitruvian OD&D character sheet (male)
Vitruvian OD&D character sheet (female)

In the Swords & Wizardry edition below, the placement of Charisma is open to question, but it serves as a convenient fig leaf if nothing else.

Vitruvian S&W character sheet (female)
Vitruvian S&W character sheet (male)

Since we're on the topic, there's a nifty system-neutral Vitruvian character sheet over at and a charming Tunnels & Trolls sheet at Trollhalla.

Of course I'd really like all my character sheets to look like Logan Knight's, but alas we don't all have that kind of talent.