Saturday, November 2, 2019

Session 79 (30 October 2019)

Note to readers: This is a session re-cap of an ongoing D&D 5th edition campaign set in a loosely adapted version of N. Robin Crossby's Hârn. Previous session re-caps can be found on this blog, and an early journal of sessions 1 through 54, beginning in February 2015, is archived here.

In-world dates: 16 Ilvin 720 TR [second week of winter]
Daylight hours: 9
Moon: waning gibbous (full moon was on 15 Ilvin)

After looting the dead Drow -- you find an amulet and ring, both non-magical -- you fly back up to the opening of the tunnel whence he fell and cautiously begin creeping forward. Those with keen senses hear faint snippets of distant noises echoing through the vast, bare corridors and smooth vertical shafts that criss-cross the interior of the monolith. Are they voices? Footsteps?  You surprise and dispatch a second Drow guard -- another warrior, with the same sigil on his amulet. You continue your explorations, ascending a shaft and moving stealthily, but perhaps not stealthily enough, for you notice that the intermittent sounds have stopped: you have been heard.  Cade, in owl form, flies ahead to scout and, rounding a corner, is suddenly caught in webs slung by two giant spiders! Transforming into a spider, he quickly makes his escape, but not before noting the presence of a beholder and several Drow. Concluding that the enemy is at hand, you gird yourself for battle. A basso profundo voice rings out, addressing you by name: "Gil'Doren! Dracul! Cade! Maslorius! and you, unfortunate straggler who has joined these would-be heroes! I would parley with you, for I have need of your services... and possess something you would like to have." Concerned, you peer around the corner and see the beholder glaring evilly at you, and at his side a Drow holds a blade to the throat of a human hostage: none other than Sister Garaele, the cleric of lost Phandalin!

Speaking with the foul eye tyrant, you learn that it wants you to destroy several "guardians" that bar the route to a teleportation circle deeper within the monolith. If you do so, it will release Sister Garaele. You ponder the offer and conclude that you can take the group by surprise. Rushing around the corner, you assault the webs blocking the path to your foes; the wizard and barbarian use Dimension Door to slip past the sticky strands and attack from the rear. Roaring in rage, the beholder fights back, pinning Gil'Doren to the war with a telekinetic ray and paralyzing Dracul with another. One of the Drow, meanwhile, pulls the helpless Garaele away from the fighting. Her life hangs in the balance!  To be continued...

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