Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great D&D Moments in History: The Wolf of Gubbio

"Great D&D Moments in History" reimagines famous historical events as episodes in a tabletop fantasy role-playing game. It doesn't get much nerdier than this.

Early thirteenth century: Francis of Assisi casts the second-level cleric spell Speak with Animals and negotiates a pact with the dreaded man-munching wolf of Gubbio: the beast will no longer devour the citizens of Gubbio, who in return promise to feed the wolf daily. According to the fourteenth-century text that relates this tale, Francis and the wolf actually shake on the deal.
Detail from The Wolf of Gubbio by Stefano di Giovanni (Sassetta). One of seven panels on the back of a polyptych made for the altar in Sansepolcro, Italy, in the fifteenth century. Note the ample evidence of the wolf's depredations in the right midground. Source: The National Gallery, London, UK.